What We Lost
Season One, Episode Five
Futuristic city by rich35211
First Aired August 30, 2015
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"Wake Up Call"
"Lock & Key"

What We Lost is the fifth episode of Nexus Academy's first season and the fifth episode overall. It premiered on August 30, 2015.


October 23, 5016

The episode begins as Professor Wing releases the students from their detention, except for Erica, who she asks to remain and speak with her. Professor Wing reveals she was once a telepath also, and that she wishes to coach Erica in private. A thrilled Erica agrees.

In the hallway, a perplexed Quincy confronts Claire, who has been giving him the silent treatment. She expresses anger with him for neglecting their friendship recently. Quincy apologizes, uncomfortable, but cannot tell her more than that. Just then, Dakota shows up, telling him he has found a hacker who can get them to Arthur's belongings- April Barnes. Quincy congratulates him, and tells him he will be joining the Creature Club to see if he can find out what attacked Arthur. They split up, and Quincy invites Claire to join the club with him.

Erica is pulled aside in the hallway by John, who tells her that he was hoping she could bring back his memories. The two hide in a closet and attempt it, but do not succeed. Erica surmises that the memories are literally no longer present in John's mind, not merely blocked.

Annabel, who witnessed the whole thing, smiles darkly. She then approaches Fergus McLeod in the Courtyard, and convinces him to ask Erica to the school dance.

Meanwhile, Dakota meets April in a computer lab. She expresses doubts about helping him, despite her previous work spying on students for teachers, but he succeeds in convincing her by appealing to her vanity. Dakota leaves her with a note on what she needs to find.

Quincy and Claire arrive at the Creature Club, where they meet the loud President, Finn Heckley. Finn, who is thrilled at the prospect of new recruits, offers them a written test rich with gory details on monster hunting. Quincy and Claire fail the test, but Finn lets them in anyway. Quincy confides the truth in Claire.

The episode concludes in a mysterious laboratory, marked by shelves full of strangely glowing vials. Scientists are gathered around a shattered one, which apparently broke after the substance tried to reconnect with its host. One of the scientist names the vial as "John Pearce", and the episode ends.

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Quincy: Nothing makes me happy like almost dying and murder!

Finn: That's the attitude!

Quincy and Finn

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