• BeholdtheVision

    Hello! This is Myles Willard reporting on the Nexus Academy Panel at FunExpo 2015. This panel was to discuss the recently begun series Nexus Academy, set in a school for powered people in a dystopian future. At the panel we had some special guests- showrunner Craig Selbrede, along with cast members Susan Storm and Parker Nebel.

    Selbrede opened the panel by discussing the overwhelmingly positive response to the first 10 episodes of Nexus Academy, and promising an even better 12 to follow. The guests then took a bit to discuss the story so far.

    "I think that for the first few episodes, the emphasis was on chaos..." Selbrede mused. "It was about the... well, it was about the murder, and how it affected all of them, particularly Quincy. But what…

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