Nexus Academy and Journeymen are roleplays founded by Craig. The former is a show about a mysterious school in a dark future, and the latter is a spinoff prequel developed but not produced by the Nexus Academy.



Craig, and other later additions to the roleplay, were a part of a Marvel chat when talk began to circulate of another role play which, due to his phone's operating system, Craig could not participate in. Wanting to be involved in something of the like, Craig decided to create a new roleplay, but he desired it be completely original. At the urging of Nathan, Jan, Wanda, and Sam, Craig created it though Nathan chose not to join. Parker and Joseph joined shortly.


The same day, August 9, 2015 the role play began to develop its rich backstory with the help of a Wikia. The series entered a hiatus in December 2015. The hiatus ended Summer of 2016. With the second season of Nexus Academy, TJ Ahmed became a showrunner.

The RoleplayEdit

Nexus AcademyEdit

Season OneEdit

Currently running since August 2015. Ending December 2016.

Season TwoEdit

Expected to begin January 2017.

Journeymen: The Darkest AgeEdit

Season OneEdit

The unaired pilot was released April 25, 2016.

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