History Edit

Planet Gliese 581 e

Migration Edit

Taulota is the closest planet to New Earth, and is a tiny bit smaller. It has no moons, and is typically warm, with no obvious seasons. About 10 years after the human population finally settled on New Earth, they decided to try expanding to Taulota. At first, it looked to be a good place to set up a civilization. However, after a few months, a species called the Qxargeins (Zar-gines) came out from the ground where they stay for months to feed.

The War Edit

Shortly after, a war between the humans and the Qxargeins started, leading to the entire human population on Taulota, and 95 percent of the Qxargeins' being wiped out. The planet was destroyed after what is known as the War of Taulota. Humans have never been on Taulota after the war, and do not know what has happened. Although the entire human population on the planet was said to have been killed, rumors spread that about 100 people ran away and still survive in caves somewhere, waiting for help.

Species Edit

The only animal-like creatures on the planet are Qxargeins. They are tall creatures (around 8 feet) with 2 legs, and no arms. They hide underground and in caves for months in a hibernation-like state until the summer, when they emerge. They have extremely tough skin, being able to withstand a blade stab or a gunshot. This is why the war had to end with bombings.

Taulota also had multiple species of plant-like creatures thriving along watersides or on mountains. The most well known of them would be the Urkhia, which were small plants that lived in water, and would actually filter the water, by releasing a natural antibiotic produced in their long, flat leaves that would kill any harmful bacteria or viruses in the water.

When the humans arrived they planted a new type of genetically modified tree that was supposed to share nutrients with other tree or plant roots, by combining and equally splitting everything. However, this project went very wrong. The tree is now known as 'The Executioner Tree', and instead of sharing nutrients, impales its roots into any other plant or tree roots, taking all the nutrients that the victim plant absorbs as its own. This spread, and eventually killed all the other plants on the planet.

Language Edit

The language of the Qxargeins is unknown, and never studied. However, it is known that they communicate through a series of low pitched screeching sounds and scratching.

Landscape Edit

Taulota had many large mountains and lakes all over. Human towns slowly began popping up across the planet, and it was very beautiful. However, after the war, the planet was destroyed. Towns were reduced to piles of rubble and ash. Mountains were blown up. Lakes were contaminated and radiation spread across the sky from bombings. Now the planet is mostly caves, craters, and small ponds of still fresh water.

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