Season Two
Season Two, Episodes 23-44
Showrunner(s) Craig Selbrede

TJ Ahmed

Season Premiere January 25, 2017
Season Finale TBA
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Season Two of Nexus Academy was initially set to air in 2016 after being officially renewed on September 21, 2015. However, after some issues with the cast the Season premiere was delayed to Winter of 2017. Joining Craig Selbrede as Showrunner this season was TJ Ahmed.

Season Two continued the adventures of a group of Enhanced kids, who struggle with questions of identity and morality this season.

Quincy Sanders (Craig Selbrede), Claire Axworthy ("Janet Van Dyne"), Dakota Maddox (Parker Nebel), Erica Lane ("Sue Storm"), and John Pearce ("Clint Barton") returned as main cast members from Season One, while Lock Reach (Joseph Succoi), Fergus McLeod (Michael Rock), and Ender Ravager (DarkStarFox0860) were demoted to recurring characters. Replacing them were formerly recurring characters Amarra Petrova (Mandy Rodriguez), and Dominic Reed (TJ Ahmed).


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit


  1. "Welcome Back"-
  2. "Adjustments"-
  3. "The Team"-
  4. "TBA"-
  5. "TBA"-
  6. "TBA"-
  7. "TBA"-
  8. "TBA"-
  9. "TBA"-
  10. "TBA"-
  11. "TBA"-
  12. "TBA"-
  13. "TBA"-
  14. "TBA"-
  15. "TBA"-
  16. "Better"-
  17. "TBA"-
  18. "TBA"-
  19. "TBA"-
  20. "TBA"-
  21. "Graduation Day"-
  22. "Negative"-

Major EventsEdit


  • Dillion Truxan was initially set to return as a main character, but Austin Wing left the show unexpectedly during the first season.

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