Season Three
Season Three, Episodes 45-67
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Season Premiere Late 2017
Season Finale TBA
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Season Two

Season Three of Nexus Academy is expected to air in 2017 but has not been officially renewed.

Season Three continued the adventures of a group of Enhanced kids, who struggle with questions of survival and sacrifice this season.

It is as of yet unknown who will be returning for this season.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit


  1. "Black Sun Over Vanishing Point; Part One"-
  2. "Black Sun Over Vanishing Point; Part Two"-
  3. "David"-
  4. "TBA"-
  5. "TBA"-
  6. "TBA"-
  7. "TBA"-
  8. "TBA"-
  9. "TBA"-
  10. "TBA"-
  11. "TBA"-
  12. "TBA"-
  13. "TBA"-
  14. "TBA"-
  15. "TBA"-
  16. "TBA"-
  17. "TBA"-
  18. "TBA"-
  19. "TBA"-
  20. "TBA"-
  21. "New Earth"-
  22. "Love"-

Major EventsEdit


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