Nolan "Thaddeus" Alec Steiger is a 16 year old boy and character in the Nexus Academy roleplay.


Early LifeEdit

Nolan Steiger was born to a poor family of Negative laborers in the Nexus Academy city-state, working hard to help supply power to the city through The Grid. From an early age, Nolan was aware of how disadvantaged he was, and resolved to better his family any way he could.

The Crossing Edit

Shockingly, Nolan himself developed powers, and his parents happily sent him off to Nexus Academy. Nolan went willingly, eager to trade his memories for a better life.

Nexus Academy Student Edit

At the Academy, Nolan (going by Thad) became a top student, and good friends with Annabel Steel and Cassie Donovan. The three became the most powerful kids in their year, and were determined to grab ahold of power at any cost.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Thad is 5'9, with black hair and brown eyes. He is muscular, and typically wears the standard Nexus uniform with ice blue piping.


Thad is outgoing and ambitious, but is not without morals. He tends to not bother with those beneath him rather than bullying them, and is more concerned with his future than the drama happening around him. He enjoys dating.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Super-Strength- Thaddeus is super strong, and can lift object more than five hundred times his weight.



Though they are now forgotten, Thad's family was once the most important thing to him. He loved all of them dearly.


Annabel SteelEdit

Annabel and Thad get along well and enjoy working together, and have a slightly flirtatious relationship.

Cassie DonovanEdit

Thad and Cassie can argue occasionally, but their bickering is well meaning and they enjoy hanging out.


Professor RohlanduEdit

Thad admires and sucks up to Professor Rohlandu consistently.