Beginning October 2016, every month we'll be spotlighting a featured character!

Current Featured Character Edit

There is no featured character for the month of September.

FAQs Edit

  • What is the Featured Character?
    • A character spotlighted for a month by our community!
  • Who can be a Featured Character?
    • Any character who has appeared in more than two episodes and is voted on by the group!
  • How does voting work?
    • Voting is conducted at the beginning of the previous month with a Google form. Voters are given the current Main Characters, along with any nominated characters, to choose from.
  • What happens to a Featured Character?
    • The month before their official recognition, characters are chosen and roleplayers and fans are polled on various aspects of the character. A playlist is formed from songs that remind people of the character, critiques positive and negative are called for, etc.
  • How is a Character Nominated?
    • PM me or use the form below in a comment on this page.

Past Featured Characters Edit


Nominate a Featured Character Edit

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  • Your Nominated Character:
  • Why:

The Current NomineesEdit

The current nominees for the month of November 2016 are:

  • Dakota Maddox
  • Erica Lane
  • Lock Reach
  • John Pearce
  • Dominic Reed
  • Amarra Petrova