Lexa of the Cotes Wood is a 19 year old girl and character in the Journeymen: The Darkest Age roleplay.


Early LifeEdit

Little is known about the enigmatic girl known as Lexa. As a baby, Lexa was abandoned to fend for herself in the Cotes Wood. There she created a life for herself among the plants and animals, befriending those who would kill her and living among the wildlife. She learned to hunt with a crafted bow she made when she was little and chose to spend her life away from human civilization.

Season OneEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lexa is 5'6, and has tanned skin, brown eyes, and medium length dark hair. She is relatively thin and lithe, though she has subtle muscle from her skills as a druid. She wears gossamer clothing weaved from natural resources, and wears jewelry made from odds and ends her animal friends gathered.


Lexa is greatly introverted, and dislikes the company of humans. She is used to isolation, and is generally kind though she can be furious when her friends are wronged.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Animal Tongue- Lexa can speak to all varieties of animals.


Family Edit

Lexa has never known her family, and tries not to think of them, considering nature her true family.


Lexa's only friends are the works of nature.