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Katherina of the House Petrova is a 16 year old girl and character in the Journeymen: The Darkest Age roleplay.


Katherina was born to the house Petrova. Her parents Sir Dimitri and Lady Elena were royalty in the village of Alryne.

Early LifeEdit

Katherina lived with her family in the village of Alryne. They were allied with their neighboring royalty, the house of Hawke. The two worked together to keep their villages safe and peaceful. What the two did not know is that Katherina had separately been studying the dark arts, against her parents wishes. One day, Katherina freed a demon which infused itself with her, causing her to become a half demon. Katherina lost control of all her power and killed her family. Not only did she kill her own family, she killed all of the family of the House of Hawke, other then Miriana Hawke.

Season OneEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Katherina has long brunette hair and brown eyes. She is usually seen in a dress. Sometimes before destroying a town, Katherina will browse their shops for new clothes before destroying the towns. Katherina's eyes glow a bright red when she is angry, or if she uses her power. She stands at 5'4". Katherina is petite in her build.


Once kind to all, Katherina is now dark and cold. She cares for no life, and only wishes to gain true power. She is ruthless in her quest for power, killing any in her way. She even has no care for Miriana, her only true remaining friend. Katherina will also use anyone she needs to get what she wants.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Katherina has a large knowledge of the dark arts and casts spells without ever having to speak them. This makes her extremely dangerous.


  • Knife- Katherina carries a small knife in case if she needs to use blood magic. One of the darkest of magics.



Katherina slaughtered her entire family.


One of Katherina's only friends was Miriana Hawke, and she lost her when she killed Miriana's entire family.



  • Katherina has a pendant around her neck, this pendant was given to her by Miriana Hawke.
  • Katherina enjoys the company of a crow she found in the woods once. (Her only true renaming friend in a sense.)