Hykaria Edit

Hykaria (Hi-care-EE-uh) is the largest of Zion's two moons, being about 3 times the size of Cobiotov. It is about the size of the Earth, if not slightly larger. Its atmosphere and gravity are both similar to that of Zion, thus permitting Elaerins and Taroans to survive on it. However, they do not live there, due to a chemical in the air that prevents crops from growing and certain other species from surviving. Also, there is no water, preventing staying on Hykaria for longer time periods. There are only two species that live on Hykaria, the Ch'Koden, a race of medium sized slug-like creatures (between 6-18 inches long) that feed off nutrients in the ground, and the Sertovorg, a race of intelligent, fast creatures with thermal vision that have one large compound eye. The Sertovorg have 6 legs, are around 3 feet tall and 4 feet long. They do not need food, as they lack mouths, however, they survive by absorbing microscopic organisms into small pores in their skin. Neither species needs water to survive.

Cobiotov Edit

Cobiotov (KOH-BEE-oh-tohv) is the smaller of the two moons. It has never been explored, due to the atmospheric pressure being over 7 times that of Zion. There are no water sources on the surface of Cobiotov, however, underneath the surface there are collections of water. This moon is most known for its very noticeable blue-lighting. The moon appears bright blue because the only life form on it is a species of microorganisms that are bioluminescent and glow blue. They completely cover the surface, and do not need food.

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