The End of EarthEdit

For many years, the path of this Earth was similar to our own. Its timeline officially diverged in the year 3000, when they came under attack by the alien race known as the L'arx. Forced to flee Earth, about half of humanity's population escaped into a spaceship known as the S.S. Widower. For a thousand years, the spaceship wandered through the cosmos.

The Next World Edit

Eventually the people of Earth stumbled upon "New Earth", as it would eventually be termed. Though inhospitable, it was the only nearby planet for the ship dying and running out of fuel. Desperately, about three quarters of the human population vacated onto this planet.

It was difficult for humans to survive, but after a few years they had managed to erect a relatively stable government with territories based off their old countries. However, the original inhabitants of New Earth, the Unnamed, attempted to take back their world. In order to fight these enemies, scientists created the God Gene, a virus which changes humans DNA to give them a random superhuman ability. This ability was used to win the war. After many years, humanity was victorious.

Rise of the CoalitionEdit

Now that the war was won, humanity turned to the God Gene As a form of improving everyday people. The United Nations founded the Coalition of Powered People as a way to oversee this industry. But some people rejected this Gene, marking them as Negative. And so two classes began to form- Enhanced people who ruled oppressively over the Negative people with the Coalition slowly gaining power. Eventually, the Coalition destroyed all other forms of government.

The Last WarEdit

Eventually the Negatives, frustrated, began to rebel against the Enhanced. This revolution was lead by the Widow's Circle, a terrorist organization who eventually succeeded in creating a bioweapon, a virus which disabled the God Gene in much of the population. The Coalition was devastated.

Revitilization and Nexus AcademyEdit

With their perfect society in shambles, the Coalition struggled to regain control. In order to establish better control over their people, The Coalition, led by The Matriarch confined the population to 7 city-states.

They soon discovered some of the children had managed to maintain the God Gene. In order to gain control of these individuals and hopefully find a way to circumvent the virus blocking the Gene, the Coalition formed the Nexus Academy, where these children were compared against children from the future for this cause.