Haley Maddox
Species Elaerin
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Age 11
Date of Birth August 27, 4998
Date of Death August 27, 5013
Eye Color Blue
Left-Eye Color Light Brown
Birthplace Zion
Mother Maya Maddox
Father Grayson Maddox
Brother Dakota Maddox
Native Language Larish
Other Languages Spoken All Earth Languages
Creator TheSpaceParka

History Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Haley always loved meeting people. Being able to understand anyone, she loved to greet travelers, and visit exotic places for trips. She was shy at school, but when anywhere else, she was a very happy person. She loved to talk, and was extremely smart.

She never quite understood her powers, therefore leading to no change in her personality. It seemed just as if she knew all the languages, and only slowly did she realize her gift.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Haley's power was unlike many of the other enhanced. Instead of a fighting or defense ability, she had a form of Omnilingualism.

  • Linguistic Assimilation - Haley had the ability to understand any language anyone spoke by simple making physical contact with them. This included languages from Earth, Zion, or other planets.

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

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