Field Study
Season One, Episode Fifteen
Futuristic city by rich35211
First Aired July 4, 2016
Episode Guide
"The Test"
"Dakota Maddox vs. Humanity"

Field Study is the fifteenth episode of Nexus Academy's first season and the fifteenth episode overall. It premiered on July 4, 2016.


December 5, 5016

In Dorm 253c, Dakota helps Quincy pack for the day's field trip for the Creature Club. The two reflect on last week's terrifying lesson with Wing, and Dakota tosses Quincy his toothpaste as Quincy explains the field trip to Dakota. They both agree that flying out to look at animals up close isn't terribly interesting, but Quincy reminds Dakota that they normally aren't even allowed out of the Academy buildings. Dakota invites Quincy to go check out his dorm in the Greenhouse some time, but Quincy is hesitant to revisit the site of the dance. Quincy asks if Dakota has ever been on a field trip, and Dakota tells him a story about an Espionage field trip he went on last year. Quincy decides the trip may be fun, and Dakota tosses him his jacket before asking if he expects cold. Quincy tells him it's armored, and Dakota says he hopes Quincy won't need it. Dakota then mentions the summer internships the school does with the Coalition's army, a concept Quincy is uncomfortable with after spending so much time fighting the school.

In the hallways of the Hub, Amarra Petrova

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