Deep Cuts
Season One, Episode Three
Futuristic city by rich35211
First Aired August 29, 2015
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"Wake Up Call"

Deep Cuts is the third episode of Nexus Academy's first season and the third episode overall. It premiered on August 29, 2015.


October 20, 5016

Quincy reports to The Grid for his first day of work. He is instructed by Doctor Zeiss to assist Dakota Maddox with heating materials, much to his chagrin. Though he struggles initially, Quincy is finally able to heat the material with Dakota's help. Their triumph is interrupted by a scream. They follow the sound to discover that another student has found the body of Arthur Quon, a kid from Dakota's dorm.

Dr. Zeiss orders the students to return to work as he and other faculty drag away the body. Quincy and Dakota, shaken return to work only for the Grid to close early.

At lunch, a distraught Quincy relates the events to Claire, when he is pulled aside by Dakota, who believes it is up to them to find the murderer. A reluctant Quincy is sworn to secrecy and follows him to the Morgue. There, they discover Arthur's body. Quincy discovers his healing abilities, bringing back Arthur long enough for him to babble about a "network".

Meanwhile, Claire has been joined by Erica. Claire divulges what occurred to Erica, who for unknown reasons mistrusts Dakota. As they talk, Ender Ravager takes the opportunity to disrupt the lunch room, much to John Pearce's chagrin. Rohlandu Yung enters the lunch room, questioning Claire on the location of Quincy with much suspicion. The two of them are saved as Rohlandu notices Ender, who violently apprehends him and brings him to an empty classroom for punishment.

However, before she can do anything the power goes out in the room and she is knocked out by a mysterious creature, which overwhelms and nearly kills Ender. He is only saved by the sudden arrival of Erica, Claire, and John. Erica had picked up the fight telepathically, while John had heard the commotion. They stare, shocked, at the dying Ender as the episode ends.

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  • Lock Reach is absent in this episode but mentioned by Dakota.


Erica: Why is everyone acting so weird?

Erica Lane

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